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Personalised counselling and training within a supportive environment.
What makes a psychologist?


A psychologist is a mental health professional, with the knowledge gained duiring a 6-year process of learning and experience to ensure minimum standards of expertise in order to hold Registration. Ongoing professional development  is then required such that professional standards are maintained over time.

How can a psychologist help?


A psychologist is trained to assist in areas of mental health, relationships, and skill development related to improving quality of life. Appointments may involve counseling to clarify the source of distress, developing skills to better manage conditions and situations, or a personalised plan based on your individual needs.

How to see a psychologist


Private appointments require only a phone call, and may meet the conditions for a claim with a private health insurer.

Where there are indicators of a mental health condition, a GP (family doctor) may be able to provide a referral that attracts a Medicare rebate.

Other programs may be available.

Working with all ages, from 4 years old to 84 years old and beyond.
Registered Psychologist
Tracy Gaze


With 10 years of experience teaching in Queensland schools and 10 years of experience counselling, training and assessing in the world of psychology, Tracy has an understanding of how the different paths of our lives play out in our present circumstances, and in our futures.

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